Styling a little corner in my studio flat

Now being back in London, I have a lot less space to play with in our studio flat! So when it comes to styling I have just added some simple touches to bring the flat to life a bit! I’m conscious not to buy lots of new home accessories until we move to a bigger flat before Autumn, so what you see here, is what you’ll be seeing for the next 5 months or so!

As always, I try and keep it simple by adding accessories with muted tones to blend everything together. The rule of 3 in interiors I have followed on our little shelves where I have room…by accessorising with a lovely card I was given, my little sage green vase with twisted fig, and a knot candle in a glass dome. I love that this corner is the sage green corner now and this shade mixes so well with lots of other neutrals. On our other shelf it’s more sage green tones in the form of a hanging eucalyptus in a white vase, with an adorable, cream bubble candle. These shelves that we bought a while ago, where super inexpensive and I love the wood and black elements to them.

On our sheepskin stool, I dressed it with a glass vase with pampas and bunny tails and on the sofa, a fresh white rectangular cushion (again here I don’t want to buy new home accessories until we move flats, so currently working with what we have got…!)

Although it didn’t take much effort arranging these accessories, it definitely makes a difference to this little corner of our flat and helps to make it looks stylish and calming.

Whether you have a tiny flat like me, or plenty of space to work with, I hope these accessories and how they’ve been styled inspire you in your home! Happy Friyay!!


Styling your utility

Utility rooms are often spaces in a house which can be uncared for and unloved. As you come into the house, dropping your coats and shoes, it can become a cluttered area. As practical as utility rooms are, for storing washing machines, clothes horses, shoes etc, this doesn’t mean they can’t look pretty at the same time!

During lockdown as I moved back into my parents’ house, my mum and I decided to take on the project of redecorating our utility. In this photo, the utility is still half done..with a new floor to be put down and a lot more accessories to add (such as a driftwood bench etc). But I thought these small decorative changes we have made, made somewhat a lovely difference!

Firstly, we got all the walls painted in Farrow and Ball’s ‘Lime White’, which is a beautiful white shade that has subtle green tones. This immediately brightened the room and created a fresh look.

Our little scarf / hat rack was unloved and a bit old looking, so I painted it in the Farrow and Ball shade ‘Litchen’. This is a beautiful sage green tone (my latest obsession) and it really brought together the green tones of the white walls. We added this coastal print which has lots of similar shades, all working together creating a balanced feel in this space.

We plan to get driftwood inspired wooden flooring, a new neutral toned rug and a natural wooden bench to set off the area, and for practicality also (using the bench as additional storage).

These small changes of adding some twisted fig in a vase, and my cute little sheepskin stool help to bring the area together. Our utility is still as practical as ever, we have just made it look a little prettier, with minimal effort required!

I hope this inspires you on this Friday afternoon! Thank you for reading.


Styling your console table

Happy Friday to my lovely readers! For this weeks post, I thought I’d focus on the beloved console, and being Studio McGee obsessed this seems to be a focal point in a lot of stylish homes. (So we’re now trying to style it up also!)

As I’ve been at my parents home for basically the last year throughout lockdown, I’ve taken inspiration from my mum’s country home style, but adding my own touches here and there where she lets me!

For styling our console, my mum had bought this beautiful traditional style console with a driftwood effect worktop. It fits in beautifully with the Farrow and Ball French Grey as this is the sort of shade that can be accessorised with very easily.

Symmetry is apparently the look to go for when trying to achieve a stylish look, and so the table lamps paired either side of the table help to polish the console table vision. My recent obsession is twisted fig, and you may have noticed it in a number of my Instagram posts but it is used again here in a large vase to act as a centrepiece to this console; because it is such a versatile twig to work with and style up! It helps to add some texture to the look. I have also added my beautiful concrete knot by Zouloubelle Home alongside the twisted fig.

Ordinarily under a console my favourite look is two large baskets that are aesthetically pleasing but that are also super practical, so when you’re coming back home as soon as you come into the house there’s a discrete place for shoes and bags! For my dream console vision, where my mum has one of her favourite prints on the wall, I adore an extra large hanging mirror propped against the wall to create the idea of greater space throughout.  For this area, I have stacked some of my favourite coffee table books, candles and marble tray. On the other side at the bottom, is a little print used to cover wifi cables! 

Even though my style is slightly different and more contemporary than this console table setup, I can appreciate the beauty in this and add my own touches where I’m permitted..! What tips and tricks do you use to style your console?

Thank you for reading,


Styling an entrance hallway

For this weeks post, I thought I would share a little hallway inspo. After searching online high and low for a reasonably priced boucle/sheepskin pouffe/stool I struck gold today on my trip to The Range!

This Nordic inspired beauty fits perfectly into the hallway of my parents home and will be sitting there until I have my own home to take it to! The pale oak legs draw in the natural tones that are adored at Native. The sheepskin fur is a beautiful material that adds texture and an element of cosiness which I love. The sheepskin/boucle trend is one I have happily jumped upon this season, and this piece is styled perfectly in our entrance hallway!

Keeping to the cream tones, I have added my little rope doorstop from Hudson Home and then accessorised either side of the front door with a rustic lantern and a stunning bouquet my mum recently received for her 60th birthday! 

We have neutral tones and colours throughout this hallway, so an addition like this adorable little stool makes for a great piece to accessorise with. I hope this post inspires you to style up your entrance hallway!


Coffee table books for 2021

My favourite way to decorate a space is to layer items and objects to fit in with the background and colour palette. One of the best ways to accessorise like this is to dot coffee table books around the place. Coffee table books are such a stylish way to add an element of high design to your space, yet they aren’t a bold statement, as they work into the background and help accessorise your look. You can stack the coffee table books, or use them as a place to keep your candles on, or have them placed on shelves for an attractive look.

My favourite way to style coffee table books is in on a large ottoman or coffee table (surprisingly enough..) and to accessorise these with a ceramic plant pot and some candles or a set of ceramic beads or a knot ornament..the list goes on! Another great way to style your books can be with built in shelves in a living or kitchen area. Coffee table books are versatile and they always have aesthetically pleasing covers and spines, meaning you can style them anywhere and in anyway you like! I love them styled on a console table or bench in an entrance hallway or again on a bench or ottoman at the end of the bed. They just bring that extra dimension of interior style and design, exuding some sophistication in a small, effortless way!

Some of my coffee table books of choice for 2021 are the following: ‘For the love of White’ by Chrissie Rucker (CEO of The White Company), ‘This is Home’ by Natalie Walton, ‘Eat Drink Nap’ by Soho Home, ‘Kinfolk Home’ by Nathan Williams and ‘Shades of Grey’ by Kate Watson-Smyth. Each of these beautiful books works off a neutral palette with minimal and natural inspired decor. They are so enjoyable to flick through for inspiration as well as looking great styled in any home!

I really love the designer coffee table books also, and I have the Dior Catwalk book (with a Prada and Chanel book on the way!). However, I think these books should be dotted liberally throughout a collection or space, as too many of the designer books together takes away from the high design and sophisticated look that the coffee table books bring.

I hope these recommendations help you when choosing your coffee table books to style! Thank you for reading, Native.

Styling your hamper

At Native, we really obsess over hampers and how they can be styled in a living area or to add that extra something to a utility / cloakroom. I know everyone and their mum has an F&M hamper, but since my boyfriend is a massive champagne fan, for Christmas I bought the Berry Bros and Rudd champagne hamper. In the back of my head when I was buying him this present, I was thinking this hamper will be so nice to style and make pretty with some accessories!

For this hamper look, I have worked with a neutral palette as this most suits the warm woven colour and helps to show off the hamper! A muted cushion helps to bring a cosiness to the look as well as adding some texture. Of course I styled the hamper with a coffee table book and some candles on a marble effect tray to complete the look. For an element of natural colour I added some eucalyptus in a taupe coloured vase.

The great thing about hampers is that they can be styled in whatever way you choose and still always look fab in the corner of the room! I am going to have lots of fun styling this hamper when I have my own home, and no doubt will be purchasing many more hampers like this one!

Thank you for reading,


Bathroom Edit

For a stylish bathroom, I love a bright clean looking space. in this edit you’ll see a lot of white and black throughout. White tiles, walls, and ceramic throughout is perfect with the black contrasting fixtures and hardware. Any wooden features, such as an oak vanity or shelving, works perfectly to modernise a bathroom. Accessorising with wicker baskets is a Native essential for a bathroom space, this adds texture to the look and is also very handy for storage without looking like ugly storage! Picking the perfect hand soap is obviously important for hygiene but also for an aesthetic purpose – Aesop is the hand wash of choice to accessorise your bathroom. An oversized mirror in the bathroom is important to create space in the room. Lighting that is bright and bold works really well in a bathroom for getting ready and pampering yourself. 

Using accessories in any bathroom shelving helps to add another layer of storage but also gives you a great excuse to accessorise with plants, ornaments and cute bathroom accessories, candles, wire baskets and hand cream etc. 

A recent trend I have seen covered over Pinterest is the black framed shower door which is an amazing look in any bathroom, the high contrast makes a once dull looking shower door / glass area make it a real feature of the bathroom and draws in any other black features in the room.

Thank you for reading this final inspiration series post of January 2021!


Dining Area Edit

In any dining area, my favourite is lots of wood (either natural or black painted wood) to create the perfect combination of warmth and high contrast. I have a total obsession with spindle chairs, I love the black painted ones and think they really set off a dining table and bring an element of drama to the set-up. A solid oak table either black or natural coloured wood works beautifully against spindle chairs and creates the perfect ambience for any dining room. I love a dining area that is simple and classic, white linen napkins, white plates – beautiful and clean looking. A pale herringbone wooden floor throughout helps to tie the textures together in the room. I love a giant oversized plant or rogue branch placed in a huge vase in the centre of the table to tie it all together. 

Dining areas are the perfect place to entertain and I think a chic, comfortable space makes a dining room inviting, and from hours scrolling on Pinterest, I have concluded that this dining room edit is the perfect combination, making for a beautiful dining area to entertain or have a cosy family meal together.

I hope this helps inspire you in your dining area!


Living Area Edit

For a living area, I have studied every Farrow and Ball colour palette and after joining a charity zoom with The White Company and seeing CEO Chrissie Rucker’s all white living area, I have concluded that all white and creams everywhere is the most beautiful colour to decorate with. You’ll notice that Native’s vision for any room is a lot of white, cream, wood and greenery throughout with hints of black as an element of high contrast. This is no different for a lounge area. As displayed in this edit, a variety of textures for seating is a beautiful look and cream or white can elevate any room and add a calming, serene feel.

An oversized plant really brings a lot of texture to a room and can elongate the height of the ceilings, an olive tree is a perfect accessory and on trend in many living spaces right now. Some sort of cream rug or seagrass rug that widens the look of the room and fits well with the shape of the sofas and armchairs creates a polished look. 

Leclair Decor and McGee & Co furniture is what I am obsessing over recently and their high contrast cream chairs with black frames are beautiful in a living space, by adding drama to a relaxing set-up. A channel tufted sofa is a trend I am loving right now and I think it is a real high end looking piece to centre any living space. Ratton arms chairs are another essential in any living space and are everywhere right now, I particularly love the black framed ones. 

For coffee tables, I love a thick solid table that is quite wide and really frames the space or a beautiful, large, cream ottoman as an alternative. Particularly, I love the wooden tables or thick beige marble tables accessorised with the latest chic coffee table books and Diptyque candles. One coffee table accessory I am adoring right now is the knot ornament, which I have found on Nordic Nest – these are the perfect abstract accessory that looks like a high design piece. 

Exposed logs are a strong feature in a living space, spherical boucle pillows and curved reading lamps that bend over into a living space are beautiful features to add to your living room.

I hope this helps to inspire you in your home, and thank you for reading!


Hallway Entrance Edit

I feel any entrance to a hallway, should have a solid wooden bench with wide legs and be dressed beautifully with ceramic lamps, a large mirror and some sort of oversized plant to help accessorise. 

A thick distressed wooden oak table, with wide legs really sets off the vibe in any entrance hallway, it adds a bright, natural tone to the room, paired with white walls and either a wooden floor or large natural tiles and a Persian or seagrass rug. Large mirrors create the illusion of more space in any room, to me in a hallway this is a necessity.

Any oversized plant, dried willow or pampas grass can make a real impact in the hallway and so in these edits, they perfectly accessorise the hallway entrance with a dramatic piece of greenery to expand the space. In conjunction with an oversized plant, a pair of large lamps sets the table look off, and can add an element of high design to the vision. 

The table set-up can be accessorised with coffee table books, candles and abstract ornaments, and below this, beautiful matching baskets to complete the look. Bright walls, such as cream and white are an inviting shade that bring the whole look together.

The entrance hallway is the first impression any guests make of your home, so one with high impact and beautiful natural colours, can give them a flavour of what the rest of your beautiful, relaxing home will look like!

Thank you for reading.