Living Area Edit

For a living area, I have studied every Farrow and Ball colour palette and after joining a charity zoom with The White Company and seeing CEO Chrissie Rucker’s all white living area, I have concluded that all white and creams everywhere is the most beautiful colour to decorate with. You’ll notice that Native’s vision for any room is a lot of white, cream, wood and greenery throughout with hints of black as an element of high contrast. This is no different for a lounge area. As displayed in this edit, a variety of textures for seating is a beautiful look and cream or white can elevate any room and add a calming, serene feel.

An oversized plant really brings a lot of texture to a room and can elongate the height of the ceilings, an olive tree is a perfect accessory and on trend in many living spaces right now. Some sort of cream rug or seagrass rug that widens the look of the room and fits well with the shape of the sofas and armchairs creates a polished look. 

Leclair Decor and McGee & Co furniture is what I am obsessing over recently and their high contrast cream chairs with black frames are beautiful in a living space, by adding drama to a relaxing set-up. A channel tufted sofa is a trend I am loving right now and I think it is a real high end looking piece to centre any living space. Ratton arms chairs are another essential in any living space and are everywhere right now, I particularly love the black framed ones. 

For coffee tables, I love a thick solid table that is quite wide and really frames the space or a beautiful, large, cream ottoman as an alternative. Particularly, I love the wooden tables or thick beige marble tables accessorised with the latest chic coffee table books and Diptyque candles. One coffee table accessory I am adoring right now is the knot ornament, which I have found on Nordic Nest – these are the perfect abstract accessory that looks like a high design piece. 

Exposed logs are a strong feature in a living space, spherical boucle pillows and curved reading lamps that bend over into a living space are beautiful features to add to your living room.

I hope this helps to inspire you in your home, and thank you for reading!


Hallway Entrance Edit

I feel any entrance to a hallway, should have a solid wooden bench with wide legs and be dressed beautifully with ceramic lamps, a large mirror and some sort of oversized plant to help accessorise. 

A thick distressed wooden oak table, with wide legs really sets off the vibe in any entrance hallway, it adds a bright, natural tone to the room, paired with white walls and either a wooden floor or large natural tiles and a Persian or seagrass rug. Large mirrors create the illusion of more space in any room, to me in a hallway this is a necessity.

Any oversized plant, dried willow or pampas grass can make a real impact in the hallway and so in these edits, they perfectly accessorise the hallway entrance with a dramatic piece of greenery to expand the space. In conjunction with an oversized plant, a pair of large lamps sets the table look off, and can add an element of high design to the vision. 

The table set-up can be accessorised with coffee table books, candles and abstract ornaments, and below this, beautiful matching baskets to complete the look. Bright walls, such as cream and white are an inviting shade that bring the whole look together.

The entrance hallway is the first impression any guests make of your home, so one with high impact and beautiful natural colours, can give them a flavour of what the rest of your beautiful, relaxing home will look like!

Thank you for reading.


Bedroom Edit

For bedroom inspiration, after scrolling through design pages online, magazines and many Pinterest boards, I have resided to the fact that all white is supreme in any bedroom.  I’m talking, beautiful white walls, with textured white linen and an over-sized olive tree or neutral accessories dotted throughout the room, with hints of black to contrast. 

I just can’t deny that having white as your base in any bedroom just looks calming yet effortlessly chic. For flooring, either white or cream carpet (though hard to keep clean) is beautiful with white walls and bed linen. Some sort of rug is a beautiful addition to any bedroom look, as in this edit a cream rug or Persian style rug are my favourite and compliment the setting. Lamps in an all cream/white setting should introduce some element of high contrast into the room. 

Floaty mesh curtains that are dressed as close to the ceiling as possible elongate the room and create a light, airy feel throughout. Wooden bedside tables or wooden benches at the end of the bed add that textured and natural vibe to the room which I love, as the wood adds the perfect amount of warmth.

For the bed, a four poster moment is always my dream, and either a wooden frame or a high contrast black frame is so dramatic but also blends so well with the muted tones and natural colours. The narrow frame again helps light flow throughout the room. 

For a bedroom situation, a natural look creates a serene environment that makes your sleeping area as relaxing and soothing as it should be.

Thank you for reading!


Kitchen Edit

I thought for January, its a new year and would be a nice time to put together some mood boards of interiors inspiration! For those maybe wanting to re-decorate in the new year or to get some inspiration for re-styling your home, this month’s blog posts are dedicated to an inspiration series! Each post will look at different rooms in a home, and show a number of looks for each room under the same aesthetic Native adores!

For the kitchen area, Native’s view is – white is always supreme. White cupboard doors, with white workplaces and white shelving means you can accessorise beautifully with marble, greenery, wooden and charcoal grey additions. With a kitchen, the chef’s kitchen silverware works really well as it adds a slight industrial feel. Lantern lighting is a great addition to this set-up too, the high contrast black frames make the lighting a centrepiece of the room.

I think in any kitchen, having a simple set-up but then accessorising wisely means you can have beautiful features in your kitchen but it still looks minimalist and sophisticated. I love an oversized plant on a kitchen island or dining  table. Giant wooden chopping boards, exposed dining and glassware is a beautiful feature. Low hanging lights that hang above an island are a strong feature and create a moody setting in any kitchen. A kitchen should be bright and airy, the perfect place for guests to hang out while the dinner party meal is concocted, and the kitchens in this edit are exactly that. Simple, stylish and calming.

I hope this inspires you in your kitchen!

Thank you for reading,


Christmas table setting

This year, for the Christmas table setting, it is obviously inspired by the Nordic Christmas aesthetic! We wanted to keep things simple and chic, so have used a crisp white linen table cloth as the base for this look. Pairing delicate glass accessories and neutral coloured foliage helps to build the table into a beautiful Christmas setting. 

Inspired by The White Company Christmas table setting, we have accessorised the table with two small bulb vases from The White Company filled with larch. The larch adds a lovely element of texture and a natural tone against the bright table cloth. We have then liberally dotted pieces of eucalyptus across the table, as the sage green tones work wonderfully against the white linen. 

To elevate this look and add some height, we have included The White Company glass candle holders, which are shaped like beautiful French martini glasses. These candle holders add the perfect amount of height to the look and the candles exude an inviting glow. To bring extra warmth to this look, we have added lots of little candle holders with tea lights across the table. This table setting makes for such a peaceful vibe when everyone is around the table. 

I hope this table setting inspires you for your Christmas look! 

Thank you to my readers for taking the time to read each blog post this year, as we celebrate the last blog of 2020 for Native! 

Wishing you all a restful and very happy Christmas. 


Wreath making with Native

So, I have been obsessing over homemade wreaths for quite a while and I attempted making my own pine cone wreath, but in all honesty it was a disaster and in the end I got so annoyed at myself that it was no longer an enjoyable experience! Reminder to self, when making a pine cone wreath, just buy a hot glue gun..

Anyway, after my failed attempt in our London flat, I came home and helped my mum make our own foliage wreath consisting of various types of eucalyptus, sea holly, rosemary, ivy and larch. We began by covering the wreath ring completely with moss, which acts as the base. Then we bunched together the foliage into around 20 bushy bunches each consisting of multiple eucalyptus strands, some rosemary, ivy and sea holly. Once all the bunches were made, we then tied them onto the wreath ring and after some tidying up and snipping here and there, voila! The wreath was made and hanging beautifully on our front door!

For this wreath, we searched high and low on Pinterest for the perfect collection of foliage that we liked. I adore the blue tinge to a natural wreath, brought by the sea holly or any sort of thistle. I also love the blue tones of the eucalyptus, adding a great variety of texture to the wreath. The berries on the eucalyptus and unique leaf shape create a beautiful look. Small additions such as rosemary and ivy add the additional texture, tone and shape required to give this wreath its fullness. 

I have made it a conscious decision from this point on, to make homemade wreaths each season, whether it be a pampas grass wreath, or a cherry blossom wreath. It was such a fun experience, getting creative and understanding what textures and colours work together and with what door colour etc! I would highly recommend wreath making, we found our tutorial off Pinterest and it honestly was like outdoor therapy!

Thank you for reading!


Christmas accessorising!

Trees aside, selecting the perfect festive accessories to decorate your home is a great way of building your Christmas aesthetic! 

Going for an understated Christmas look is my preference, and these pieces to accessorise with are perfect in achieving this look, whilst still bringing in a festive feeling to our home. 

The first accessory is this beautifully intricate gold glitter wreath, which is made of strands of gold sequins. This wreath is the perfect festive accessory that brightens any room, bringing lots of texture to the look. As we have neutral, muted colours throughout my parents’ home, the gold pairs beautifully against the walls. The wreath in our hallway is the idyllic combination of glittery gold against a muted F&B French Grey painted wall. 

The second bunch of accessories are styled on the hallway table. In the hall, it is also F&B French Grey and so the silver and green tones of these Christmas accessories pair perfectly with the shade of the room. The glittery Christmas tree, brings the perfect tone of a sage green and silver blend, working wonderfully in the room. This is the same for the beautiful pine cone, leaved arrangement which rests on the table. And again the little larch arrangement (I figured out the name of this pine cone twig!!) in our bulb vase adds the perfect amount of texture and earthiness to this festive look.

I hope this inspires you somewhat when doing your Christmas styling!

Thank you for reading and I hope you are able to enjoy this upcoming festive period!


Decorating the trees..

It has come to my absolute favourite time of year! Without a doubt, this has to be the best time of the year, whatever is going on in someone’s life or job or family situation, Christmas is a time that brings people together, full of reconciliation and hope for the new year (this is particularly relevant for the year we have all had!)

One of the great joys at Christmas, is following the traditions and getting the trees and decorations down from the attic, ready to be decorated for the festive period ahead!

At home with my family, our choice of tree and decorations depends on the rooms in which the trees will be situated. For the first tree in our living room, the colour scheme is farrow and ball pigeon with neutral furniture and silver accents throughout. So obviously, the tree has to fit perfectly into this space! Our tree is an artificial fir with a slight blue tinge matching well with the colour scheme of the room. The height of the tree is a medium size, again fitting the size of the room (it’s important the tree isn’t an overwhelming size). The tree has lots of branches and is a bushy shape allowing it to look full and almost real! 

The baubles we curated are a mixture of mercury glass, mirrored, white, pearlescent, chrystal, and glittery silver. These colours work perfectly with the scheme of the room and the variety of textures of these baubles help to create the perfect Christmassy look.

In the family room, the tree is more of a greeny fir if that makes is a lovely tree which we pair up with a mixture of bronzes, golds, blacks, browns and greys in our choice of baubles. This suits the colour of the walls and furniture, with more caramels and browns in this room. The glittery and chrystal accessories pair extremely well with the lights on the tree helping to reflect the colours and elevate the look.

I love this time of year and adore looking at the trees both in the daytime and lit up in the evening. I hope you are able to spend some quality time with your loved ones this year to decorate the tree, to make the last month of 2020 be the best month!!

Thank you for reading.


Simple festive touches

Lots of people adore glitzy, in your face Christmas decorations that truly scream ‘IT’S CHRISTMAS!!’ While I am here for that, and everything festive..when it comes to Christmas decorations I like a look that is stripped back and different to the glitter balls and tinsel everywhere. I love a natural look, the Scandi vision that styles natural coloured greenery with white, wood and glass. It adds such elegance and a sense of calm to any Christmas look. This vision also lets you appreciate and focus on the simple details at Christmas time, such as this delicate little arrangement.

Unsure what this little pine cone twig is called, I adore the look it brings all the same! It adds texture and a natural tone, fitting perfectly into this miniature bulb vase from The White Company. On a wood table with Farrow and Ball paint behind, this simple look speaks subtlety and elegance into to a festive season that can sometimes look overbearing and overcrowded.

This little arrangement is in my parents’ house as I am home for Christmas, and taking every inspiration I can from their set-up here. So expect more festive touches such as these, as we put the tree up soon! We’re always taking inspiration from Neptune and The White Company at Christmas time. I cannot wait to style the Christmas table setting with a Nordic inspired Christmas look, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

What Christmas decorations are your favourite? and how do you style them? Let me know below!

As always, thank you for reading.


Going nuts for my nutcracker!

For any Scrooges reading this, it is a Christmas related post in November – so just get with it. Christmas at Native is well and truly here!

For decorating this year, in our minimalist, neutral coloured flat, I wanted to keep this muted theme running throughout our festive styling. As we have lots of white and wood throughout the flat, the perfect Christmas accessory I came across, was this ADORABLE minimalist nutcracker. I have spotted lots of nutcrackers in stores this year, so I am excited to be hopping on this trend, but with a more Scandi Christmas vibe!

I love the traditional Christmas look with rich reds, greens and gold, however in our flat, this doesn’t really match the scheme. When I think of traditional Christmas decor, I think of the traditional shiny nutcracker figures, and so our wooden / Scandi version was the closest thing I could get to a magical Christmas feel that matches our flat!

The great thing about this nutcracker is that it was reasonable in price (as Christmas decor can quickly get out of hand where finances are concerned), it was in Matalan’s Christmas shop, and they had an abundance of beautiful minamalist/Scandi Christmas decorations (which are selling out very quickly!)

The colours of the nutcracker means it works well on our white window sill, or on our wooden shelving. Here, I have paired it with a petite, gold, glitter pear from The White Company, inside a glass dome with wooden base, and some festive pine cones (my classic accessories I pair with everything this time of year!) The oak tones from the nutcracker work beautifully alongside the deep coloured pine cones, yet still giving off that special Christmassy look.

The season has begun and at Native, we are ready for it and hope this inspires you to get festive styling!

Thank you for reading.